Wepingo Affinytix

Big data & analytics for e-commerce


Big data and analytics for retail & e-commerce


Monitor and fine-tune your objectives in Real Time


Interact with your customers at any time


Personalize the user experience and strongly increase the transormation rate

Our proposition

More revenue, less churn, better control

Standardised customer-centric catalog

Improved and normalised contents

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Enhanced 360° view of the customer

Accurate profiling based on behaviour, context, CRM ...

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Rule based one-to-one marketing platform

Targeted recommendation, marketing campaigns

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Our apps

Allowing marketers to achieve optimal engagement across the entire customer journey, driving conversions and building loyalty every step of the way.


Cleaning your catalog and injecting new facets to your products

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Turn your data into insights : Track & analyse your user's behaviours

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Pilot the behaviour of the recommendation engine

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Target, select & launch easily your market campaigns

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Optimize caimpaigns & personalize content in just a few clicks Learn more

Our platform

1 platform to rule them all.

Based on a proprietary Fuzzy rule-based expert system specialised for e-commerce, the platform efficiently made accessible on-target marketing to anyone who whishes to easily calibrate the interactions between the user and his website/app.

Big data platform

Scalable & Secure platform for Big Data : You will Make smarter decisions for your customers, while protecting them with pinpoint accuracy. And you will get better command of whatever's next, opening opportunities you can respond to quickly... as in now.

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Back office

Monitoring : Enhanced 360° View of the Customer
Rule Setup : Fine-tune marketing pressure based on your business priorities.
Visualisation : Enhanced 360° View of the Customer

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